South Revolution


South Revolution is a fashion and interior design based company, specializing in the manufacturing of fashion garments and interior pieces. South Revolution will be expanding into trend forecasting and analyses known as ATFA, providing a service to the consumer and designers. This is a field that has not been explored by the South African market as such, and

therefore I see it as a gap in the market to provide a service to the public.


South Revolution has been a start-up development, and it is a brand that defines what I want to portray to others in the industry and what I imagine is the best approach to creativity and design. South Revolution is based on what can be offered to the consumer in such a way that convenience is what they experience from the product and service provided.


Development of educational design programs for fashion and interior industries ,will become part of our long-term success. Many aspiring designers do not have access to funding and therefore limits their chances to grow in the industry. By developing programs that will give them the ability to further their career will be the focus.