Modular Innobox


Modular Innobox designs and pilots turn-key upliftment opportunity in a box for micro economies. These ‘boxes’ range from packages containing the hardware, software and educational content all the way to solar powered, remotely managed shipping containers modules (Modular Innoboxes) required to run a successful business in a micro economy.


Our models cater to a variety of social and business opportunities in the field of education, entertainment, transportation, retail (spaza and formal), health services, government services and e-commerce. Typically, our units are designed to provide dual social and business functions to encourage sustainability and support upliftment. Income is generated by selling the turn key modules at a profit, capitalizing on a franchising/continuous support fee (since work is obtained from a centralized platform with its own e-currency).


In order to introduce offering at every level of the community, the offering was packaged into the Modularise model. Modularise is a 4 tiered entrepreneurial learnership model designed to uplift Micro Economies (ME: Bop, Rural, Township and Informal). The Modularise model is branded as a learnership model because it offers the educational content required for individuals with no education to RISE to the next level ultimately owning and running their own Modular Innobox. It is entrepreneurial because you do not graduate with a degree, you graduate with a business.