Hustlenomics has identified a gap in the backyard rental accommodation in  townships and the aim of the project is to provide alternative housing to  backyard dwellers around townships in Gauteng. The aim of this project is  for it to expand to other townships around the country.  Using alternative  brick and alternative energy technology we will be targeting low income  households in the townships with backyard shacks erected in their back yard  either to accommodate an expanding family, or as a source of rental income.


We have identified that these families are those who cannot access  financing or afford to better their homes. As a result, Informal back yard  structures dominate properties around townships. This is a result of  expanding housing demand in a context where state-subsidized housing  delivery is too slow to meet the accommodation needs of the urban poor.


We  will replace these backyard shacks with formal backyard structures built  using alternative brick and alternative energy technology at no cost to the  home owners to create a passive and sustainable income once the formal  structure has been erected. We then recoup this cost from the rental income  and share a percentage of that to the home owner to generate a sustainable  income and in the process own back a single unit annually until they own  back the whole structure within 30 to 36 months.