What is creative business cup?

Where will Creative Business cup be held?

creative business cup is a global competition that celebrates entrepreneurship in the creative industries, connecting them to investors and global markets and strengthening their innovative capabilities to the benefit of  industry and society.

National competition - 2nd week of September 2018 at the Ticketpro Dome, the competition is open for creatives to apply countrywide.


Global competition - November  2018 Copenhagen

Who is Creative business cup?

Who are the local Business Cup partners?

Creative Business Cup is the ”world championship” for entrepreneurs within the creative businesses around the world.


The Centre of Culture and experience economy field developed the competition and the global edition of Creative Business Cup is a Featured Event in Global Entrepreneurship Week – an initiative by the Kauffman Foundation.


Creative Business Cup draws attention to the creative areas as a business and gathers the best creative entrepreneurs from around the world. 59 countries have had national competitions to find the best competitors for Creative Business Cup Global.

Why Creative Business Cup in Mzansi?

The creative economy employed nearly 30 million people worldwide and generated US$2.25 trillion in revenue - UNESCO.


South Africa's creative economy has contributed R90.5 billion directly to the country's Gross Domestic  Product (GDP) in the 2013/2014 financial year - South African Arts and Culture Minister.

Partners who support creative entrepreneurs


Business partners who will act as advocates for creative business cup


Corporate partners with a commitment to the arts and entrepreneurship


Media  partners


Government departments, Foundations, Creative industry bodies, Entrepreneurship hubs

Why Should you partner with Creative Business Cup?

Benefit from the exposure of this vibrant sector


get in on the ground floor be associated with drivers of change


Younger and more diversely creative audience


Support and help nurture future game changers


be associated with GEN, a highly reputable local and international business brand