Creative L’amour


Corporate gifts are described as “the sleeping beauty of effective  marketing” and Creative L’amour is here to awake the sleeping beauty!  We provide distinctive and personalised products that are geared towards  evoking emotional value, growing businesses and driving a return on  investment.


The challenge is in changing consumer behaviour and how one  keeps abreast of these changes and exploit them at the same time. We take  traditional gifts and modernize them to suit an ever changing landscape  (functionally and aesthetically).  The market is dynamic and continuously  changing along the entire value chain, driven by continuously rising  consumer demands, digital technology, ever-present connectivity and  evolving devices. This market is easier to penetrate depending on the level  of innovation, creativity and staying relevant.


Creative Lámour uses proven industrial designing techniques in coming up  with compelling concepts that not only capture your attention but ensure  visible brand awareness to your existing and potential stakeholders. One of  the main goals is to ensure brand exposure that clearly leaves a  captivating impression on recipients. Creative L’amour combines industry  knowledge and expertise to design and develop solutions for clients’ that  are useful, appropriate, imaginative, effective and relevant that carry a  message to a well-defined audience.