Brainbow Conscious  Creatives


As a African women led boutique creative story agency Brainbow Conscious  Creatives connects brands to African women through storytelling. The global  economy loses out on $12 Trillion because women aren't leading their best  lives. We consider ourselves the voice of African women and create story  experiences that uplift, motivate and love women. What brand wouldn't want  to be a part of that? Story has the power to connect people to the values  of your brand in an emotive, authentic, memorable way. We do this through  branded films and story experiences.


We believe everything we do is infused  with the energy with which we do it, our energy is love. We partner with  relevant brands to love the growing African female market. As African women  our desire is to change the female narrative from victim, helpless and  vulnerable to victors, change agents and transformational leaders.


We fuse healing, love, spirituality, personal development and technology to  connect with this ever changing, highly nuanced market. From teleporting  women through virtual reality to a healing story experience we find ways to  tell our partners story in a creative, relevant and love inspiring way.