Creative Business Cup South Africa

Creative Business Cup South Africa is initiative that celebrates entrepreneurs in the creative industries. South Africa hosts its inaugural Creative Business Cup in 2017 and for the first time,  we gave an opportunity to one creative mind to compete in the finals in Copenhagen in November.


Creative Business Cup SA is three a day event held in Johannesburg as part of The Small Business Expo.

What is required from the national winner?

Must be available to take part in the competition in Denmark 16 November, 2017.


Send all agreed marketing information during application process so that the Creative Entrepreneurs Network (CEN) can promote the winner.


Actively participate in all arranged meetings and events during the programme in Denmark.


Record their trip to Denmark for use by Creative Entrepreneurs Network (CEN) e.g. blog, film, participate in media interviews before, during and after the trip, participate in evaluation etc.


Take part in events when they return to share their experience in Denmark with a wider creative entrepreneur network at home.


Be part of the Creative Entrepreneurs Network, and be keen to contribute ideas and feedback, participate in events, and develop projects.

Creative Business Cup Objectives

Support creative start-ups with business development and international market access.


Improve access to finance through initiatives in investor readiness.


Global networking with startups, investors, companies and governmental entities.


Capacity building of entrepreneurship organisations.


Strengthened regional collaboration.


Offering innovation partnerships and training to businesses development of global or regional accelerators.

What are the Creative industries?







Film and Video


Performing Arts








3D printing



Craft & Artisan


Visual Arts


Toys and Games

What you need to know About Creative Business Cup

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